Mahalaya Paksha 2014

Mahalaya Paksha 2014

Mahalaya Paksha starts on September 9th and ends on September 23rd. The year 2014 is special for Mahalaya Amavasya because the 15 day course starts when the Sun is in its own sign Leo and the Sun is the planet of pitrus.

On September 9th, the planet Jupiter aspects the Moon, which is considered very auspicious. Hence, performing Tarpanam on the first day of Mahalaya Paksha is equally auspicious as Mahalaya Amavasya. Another planet that counts your deeds towards ancestors is Saturn and this year, Saturn is exalted. Astrologically, this Mahalaya Paksha is fortified with good planetary strengths and performing rituals on these days will help you receive the blessings of your ancestors.
Mahalaya Paksha and Ancestors

To Live a Successful and Peaceful Life, we should get blessings from our ancestors and generally there are 2 primary causes for problems:

1) Problems caused by Navagrahas (9 Planets)
2) Problems/Obstacles caused by our Ancestral Spirits

Usually, ancestors who have departed with unfulfilled desires are problematic and if we fix the above mentioned problems, we can lead a peaceful life. Performing Tarpanam is the most effective means for helping departed loved ones and ancestors and it can also change our destiny.

Why to Appease Departed Ancestors ?

Our Ancestors live in ancestral world (Pitra loka) and they can help in solving problems related to money, career, health, relationship,etc., quite easily. Communicate and reconnect with them during this Mahalaya paksha.
Significance of Donating Food and Clothing

The easiest way to access God's grace is to feed a person who is starving for food and to donate clothes. Donating food is considered to be the greatest charity of all the charities. When you donate food and clothing to those in need, it elevates your soul. There is an interesting legend highlighting the importance of donating food.

The Legend

Karna, the renowned hero of the Epic Mahabharata, was a great philanthropist and he never said no to anyone who approached him for help. He had donated huge wealth and had done all kinds of charity, except for donating food.

Karna left the earthly curl after his death and reached heaven. The great charity which he had done on the earth plane was returned to him hundredfold there, but it was all material wealth and no food at all. He then realized that although he had done all kinds of charities, he did not donate food. He prayed to the God of Death, who sent him back to the earth for a fortnight, to make up for this deficiency. Karna fed the Brahmins and poor and offered oblations of water during the fortnight. On his return to Heaven, he had plenty of food. It has been anticipated that offerings made during the period of Mahalaya Paksha benefits all the departed souls, whether they are connected to you or not.

Astrology for Mahalaya Paksha 2014

Mahalaya 2014 began while a powerful "Grahamalika Yoga" formation was in place. This yoga will continue till September 16th, (Another such placement can only happen in another 60 years, i.e in 2074.) The auspiciousness of this yoga is ascertained by the starting and ending point. The starting house is the seed and shows the resources available while the ending house indicates the main focus and end results.

Starting from Jupiter in his exalted position in Cancer, Sun in Leo (own house) Mercury exalted in Virgo, Saturn exalted in Libra and Mars in Scorpio (own house), the 5 major planets form a Pancha Grahamalika Yoga. The planets are aligned between Jupiter and Mars and placed in the 4th and 8th Houses of the natural chart (Aries through Pisces).

Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and expansion being in 4th House, the House of learning will expand one's knowledge that can be put to practical use as indicated by Mars, the planet of action placed in 8th House. Both the planets are in the water signs; Jupiter in Cancer, the flowing watery sign, and Mars in Scorpio, the deep still water sign. This denotes that in addition to bestowing the worldly practical knowledge, they are also conferring spiritual knowledge to the propitiators.

Maha Vishnu : Main Deity for Mahalaya Paksha

Lord of the Pitris, Maha Vishnu, is also favorable because he is incarnating at this time. Ultimately he is the one who is going to 'Bless' your ancestors. Mercury is along with Rahu in 6th House of Virgo (Mercury-Vishnu, Rahu-Reptile). Therefore, Koorma the Reptile Avatar of Vishnu is supported. Maha Vishnu resides in the milky ocean, and took the form of tortoise (Koorma avatar) to help churn the milky ocean in order that the Gods get the nectar of immortality.

Further Lord Sri Krishna another incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu had Grahamalika Yoga in his chart. Therefore, the deities to propitiate will be Maha Vishnu, Lord Krishna and the Koorma Avatar of the Lord. Koorma, by nature can live in both land and water. Similarly praying and by doing rituals to Lord Vishnu or to His Koorma Avatar form , will help in both the external materialistic world and the inner spiritual world. During the Mahalaya paksha, the ancestral rites are performed in the ancestral world , where Lord Vishnu Himself presides over the ritual. This amplifies the benefits. (courtesy: Agasthiyar Vijayam). Therefore, using this rare time frame for soul purification and for receiving blessings from your ancestors, will bring in tremendous benefits.