Greetings on Kumbh, Baisakhi, Ambedkar Jayanti and ...???

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Today, 14th April 2010 is a big day in the Hindu Calender
as well as the Indian context ..
14th April 2010 is Baisakhi and also being the New Moon
Day (Amavas in Hindi) making it the last Shahi Snan
of the Kumbh Mela in 2010 ... 

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Held every 12 years when Jupiter enters the sign of Aquarius,
it is marked by largescale travelling to Banaras and Allahabad
to bathe in the Sangam for washing ones sins metaphorically
speaking, but this time around, tomorow's date also
coincides with the beginning of Adhik mass or the 13th month,
an extra lunar one which is added every three years to
bring the Lunar year in harmony with the Solar year ..

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This extra month, known as Adhik Maas, Malmaas, or
Purushottam maas is one which is considered highly fruitful
and beneficial for spiritual pursuits and contemplation
on the Divine ... Coinciding with the Kumbh festival,
it has acquired even more significance ...

Astrologically, the alignment of various other auspicious
planetary alignment is occuring after 3333 years ...

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Bath in the Ganges or add some Ganga Jal to your water tub
and invoking the Mothers blessings, ask her to bless you  ..
Make donations, charity without any expectation of
material benefits ... Read Divine scripture and contemplate
over it ...  Its the best time to forge your connection
with the Divine. ... something we seem to endlesly putting
off on some practical pretext or the other ....

Baisakhi is another occasion today for Punjabis as they
get ready to harvest the yield from the land and celebrate
the bounty as a New Year ... It was also on this day that
Guru Gobind Singh founded the Khalsa by the sacrifice
of the Panj Pyaares in Patna ....

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Vaisakhi is an annual celebration which originated in April of 1699.
Vaisakhi commemorates the anniversary of when Guru Gobind
Singh formalized membership into the Sikh religion with initiation
rites. The Guru called for volunteers willing to give their heads.
The five who came forward are known as the Panj Para or five
beloved ones. The Panj pyara conduct the initiation ceremony
known as Amritsanchar. Initiates drink Amrit, an immortalizing

Interestingly, baisakhi is the solar astrological date on which
the planetary Ruler, Sun,  enters the zodiac sign of Aries
by Indian astrological calculations and finds itself exalted ...

Any wonder the Guru chose this particular date to lay the
foundation of the Khalsa Singhs

One of the chief architect's  of the Indian Constitution,
Dr. Ambedkar's birth celebrations also fall on 14th April
further adding to the Day's significance ...

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To the conscientious and hardworking person, everyday
is an opportunity to start anew ... A significance such as
the above is an opportunity however to intensify efforts
if one had fallen into a rut ...

All festivals bring with them a message without which they
degrade into a mindless dead habit ... The difference in
observing something with feeling and just going through
the motion is the difference between living and existing

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Sunrise or Sunset ??

The Choice is as always with you visit 
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