5 Truth About Hair Conditioners

5 Truth About Hair Conditioners

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Most women take great care in picking the right shampoo for their hair, and also wash their hair frequently,but they do not use a hair conditioner as religiously. A lot of false beliefs, and maybe even the lack of expected results from a conditioner used previously, put off many women from enjoying the benefits of regular use. Here's setting the facts straight on hair conditioners!

Reason No. 1: Hair conditioners should be used on special occasions only.

The Truth: The long-lasting effects of using a hair conditioner can only be experienced when it is used after every hair wash. The frequency of shampooing and conditioning will depend on the hair type, but using a conditioner after every shampoo makes sure your hair stays smooth, manageable and soft always. While your shampoo removes grime and dirt from your tresses, think of your conditioner as nourishment for your hair! Would you want to restrict it to just special occasions?

Reason No. 2: Natural remedies should be used for conditioning hair.

The Truth: Yes, nature does hold some great secrets for beautiful hair, but is it convenient and practical for you to prepare and apply natural remedies like lime, henna, curd, egg whites, etc., every time you shampoo your hair? On thinking back, you'll realise that you may have tried to keep up the regimen, and then given up due to lack of time or the extra effort required in preparing the potion. While it's good practice to pamper your hair with natural remedies, keep this schedule for weekends when you are at leisure. Keep a suited hair conditioning product (that works just as well!) for your hectic weekdays, so that you don't lose out on regular hair conditioning that your hair needs.

Reason No. 3: My hair is greasy, so I am not supposed to use a hair conditioner.

The Truth: The hair cannot be greasy, it's probably the scalp. And ironically, it's when the scalp is dry that it causes the oil glands to produce more oil! Once on the scalp, this excess oil transfers to the hair itself. Use a shampoo suited for oily scalp and be sure to wash your hair daily to combat excess oil build-up. Using a conditioner with light moisturising action will help nourish it with required moisture, so you can maintain an oil-free scalp, with smooth and soft hair, all at the same time!

Reason No. 4: I don't need it as my hair is short.

The Truth: Even short hair needs its beauty and health! Hair care experts say that people with hair over 10 centimetres long can enjoy the advantages of using hair conditioners.

Reason No. 5:  Hair conditioners make my hair limp / flat / heavy / too dry.

The Truth: These effects look like classic symptoms of wrong application of a hair conditioner! Not many people are aware that the quantity and application procedure of a conditioner are very different from that of a shampoo.

Here's the ideal way to apply your hair conditioner:

After washing off the shampoo from your hair, use a towel to pat-dry it slightly.
Apply it gently half way down the hair shaft (from ear-level), extending downwards
Concentrate on the tips of your hair
The quantity depends on your hair type and conditioner type, but usually a dollop of the size of a walnut should be fine
Leave it on as per instructions on the pack and wash off thoroughly

Also remember:

Conditioner should NOT be applied on the scalp, the scalp makes its own oils.

A conditioner is not meant to lather, so don't apply huge amounts to make it lather.

Rinse it off thoroughly each time, or it may cause build-up on your hair, making them heavier. 


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